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With a one-in-all online tool, Dokobit enables users to easily sign and validate already signed electronic documents, securely collect signatures from others, as well as manage and store all those documents in one place. Documents signed and stored in Dokobit portal, are made sure to be valid in the long run — Dokobit ensures long-term preservation of electronic signatures.


ILVES accelerates the digital transformation of the legal profession by giving practical advice on the key areas of legal tech. Their approach is holistic, client value-centric, and business-minded. ILVES is a one-stop-shop for legal tech support, accelerating the evolution in the legal profession by giving practical advice on the key areas of legal tech.

Intelligent Advisor

Intelligent Advisor provides expert services in legal tech and IT consultancy. Their offerings include strategic AI implementation, privacy compliance, and cutting-edge IT and legal advice. With a dedicated team, they tackle complex challenges, offering innovative solutions for success in the digital landscape.

CSI Lawyer

CSI Lawyer® is a comprehensive and robust solution that manages all the key operations related to the legal matter process. Designed for law firms of all sizes to professionally manage and invoice their legal cases. It handles even the largest matters having complex pricing and invoicing requirements, but is also the right choice for smaller law firms expecting comprehensive functionality from their tool.

PSA Consulting

PSA is a Nordic tech and expert advisory firm with offices in Oslo and Stockholm. Cloud solutions and expert services to help law firms and other professional services firms with intelligent digital transformation. We deliver our cloud-based integration platform Custodian and purpose-built productivity apps. Official reseller and systems integrator partner of leading legal tech and PSO tech solution providers.


e-Residency, providing a global digital ID for effortless initiation and management of businesses within the trusted EU environment. E-residents can establish and operate EU-based companies seamlessly online, signing documents with their e-Residency Digital ID Card and conducting business without borders.


Henchman streamlines contract drafting for legal teams by centralizing clauses and definitions, making the process faster and more efficient. It integrates with existing workflows, supports any language, and utilizes AI to enhance productivity. Trusted globally, Henchman saves legal professionals time by simplifying contract review and drafting tasks.


ClauseBase is a specialised and highly innovative legal document drafting platform. Its software turns clauses into intelligent building blocks. By stacking these building blocks on top of one another, users can draft contracts, forms, terms and conditions, as well as myriad other legal documents, in a fraction of the time it takes to do so manually and with less risk.


Leya is an AI assistant designed for legal professionals, adept at answering complex legal questions and optimizing workflows. By integrating with the firm's internal knowledge databases and external laws, cases, and regulations, Leya delivers reliable, source-cited answers and allows lawyers to start using gen AI today. Already in use at top-tier law firms in across Europe, we are now accelerating significantly.


All-in-one toolbox for everyone in a organisation to automate, negotiate, sign and manage contracts. Avokaado is a digital workspace for data-driven contract lifecycle management (CLM) which empowers companies to maintain a single source of truth for all their contracts and data on a single platform. Businesses gain up to 80% of efficiency using Avokaado's workspace.

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