Rauno Kinkar

Rauno Kinkar

  • LEXTAL - Partner

Rauno Kinkar, a visionary Attorney at Law and Partner at LEXTAL, leads with a forward-thinking approach to IT and smart technology legal matters. He co-founded LEXTAL NEXT, a hub for innovative and digital law solutions, addressing the dynamic needs of tech sector clients. Rauno's expertise shines in adapting and shaping legal frameworks for emerging technologies and business models, notably in cryptocurrency regulation and AI-based autonomous systems like the Starship robot, reflecting Estonia's progressive stance on tech legislation. His influence extends across licensing & IP, data protection, and the fintech and cryptocurrency sectors, where he continually drives legal innovation to match technological advancement.

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Day 2 Workshops 05/17/2024 9:30 am
Day 1 Workshops 05/17/2024 9:30 am
Day 2 05/18/2024 9:30 am
14:10 - 14:50

Panel: DAO Law firm - Illusion or Reality?

Day 1 05/17/2024 9:30 am