Priit Lätt

Partner at TGS Baltic, a sworn attorney and partner of TGS Baltic, who deals with Estonian intellectual property/IT, tax disputes and public procurement.t. With almost three decades of legal experience, Priit has left an indelible mark in the legal field. He's a renowned specialist in IP, IT, and tax law, recognized for his astuteness, professionalism, and expertise.

All Sessions by Priit Lätt

Day 2 Workshops 05/17/2024 9:30 am
Day 1 Workshops 05/17/2024 9:30 am
Day 2 05/18/2024 9:30 am
14:10 - 14:50

Panel: DAO Law firm - Illusion or Reality?

Day 1 05/17/2024 9:30 am