Leona Chauhan

Leona Chauhan

  • CEO - Magia Consulting

Leona Chauhan is the CEO of Magia Consulting, a top-tier UK startup specializing in Oracle CX and Oracle Intelligent Advisor. With a robust history at Oracle, where she managed projects ranging from small-scale enhancements to £100 million transformation programs, Leona has driven significant improvements in system efficiency and cost savings. Under her leadership, Magia has excelled in digitizing processes and enhancing digital experiences, prioritizing intuitive and empowering solutions. Leona champions a purpose-driven approach that emphasizes people over numbers, focusing on creating impactful technology with care and empathy, and placing users at the center of every project.

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Day 2 Workshops 05/17/2024 9:30 am
Day 1 Workshops 05/17/2024 9:30 am
16:00 - 16:40

What-If Analytics and Policy Change Impact Analysis

Day 2 05/18/2024 9:30 am
Day 1 05/17/2024 9:30 am