Dazza Greenwood

Dazza Greenwood

  • Law.MIT.edu - Founder

Daniel “Dazza” Greenwood is the founder of CIVICS.com, a boutique provider of professional consultancy services for legal technologies, automated transactions, privacy and data management, and technology strategy. Dazza is also a researcher at MIT Media Lab and Lecturer at MIT Connection Science where he is advancing the field of computational law and generative AI for law as Executive Director of law.MIT.edu. Serves as lead on the Data Rights Protocol initiative through Consumer Reports Digital Lab. This protocol provides a common open specification for enabling consumers and companies to process the exercise of individual data rights as a consumer-connected digital service. Dazza consults to fortune 100 companies, architecting and building integrated business, legal, and technology cross-boundary networks at industry scale. As an attorney, Dazza served as both in-house and special counsel for technology law, representing corporations and governments. Dazza has testified before the US House, US Senate, and other legislatures on generative AI for law, electronic transactions law, digital identity and he consults extensively to the public sector, including to NASA, GSA, DHS, the UK Cabinet Office, and many other public and private sector organizations .

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